Asquith 5RM Re-Engineering

The Project was to convert a manual Asquith 5RM to a CNC machine.  The Original machine has shared axis drive and Lead screws which required completely re-engineering to facilitate independent servo and ballscrew driven axes.  The Headstock was upgraded and re-engineered to eliminate problematic and obsolete Clutches to a ZF gearbox and Belt driven arrangement allowing both the high torque required for facing outside of the original capacity and continuous milling at the maximum speed.  The 2 axis rotary table was also integrated in to the CNC giving a 7 axis interpolating machine.

The project included;

  • Major mechanical re-engineering project
  • Siemens 840Dsl & Sinamics Motors and Drives
  • Headstock clutches replaced with ZF gearbox and belt driven Ram
  • Leadscrews replaced with ballscrews
  • Re-Engineering of the drive trains for the new motors
  • New Seymour designed twin servo precision backlash eliminated X axis Drive Train based on our F-Type machine Design
  • New Hydraulics
  • Facing Slide integrated in to the CNC
  • Swivel cycle commissioned for 3 heads
  • Spindle refurbished
  • New Spindle gearbox cooler
  • Rotary Table, 2 Axis integrated in to the CNC
  • Laser Calibration
  • Oil spec modified for better machine operation
  • X, Y, Z, W, Z2 and B servo axes
  • U positioning axis
  • Facing Taper capability
  • Complete new Main Electrical Panel
  • New Siemens Sinamics Servos and Drives
  • Drive based Safety (Safety integrated)
  • Compact Pendant design
  • Complete re-wire
  • Efficient Electrical panel design
  • Operator Training

Asquith 5RM Main Electrical Panel
New Main Electrical Panel on a new platform for ease of maintenance and compact efficient design

Seymour E-Mill Logo Design efficiency

This Asquith 5RM re-Engineering project utilizes the Seymour E-Mill design ethos.  The X axis Drive design is heavily based on the proven F-Type design.  This ensures design and engineering efficiency using proven methodology, components and software to produce reliable and functionally effective results.

The combination of 3 milling heads also benefited from F-Type proved technologies utilizing Cycle 800 swivel technology originally developed on the F-Type machines and utilized across the Seymour milling offering.

New X Axis Saddle  Seymour E-Mill Logo

Seymour have continued to maintain the machine from the major project to this day.  Years after the project the main X axis Saddle suffered an impact and the casting was damaged beyond use.

We designed a new saddle to replace the original using a combination of reverse engineering and new design techniques to produce the 3D model and drawings of the new design.  Our design and drawings took into account the hydrostatic requirements of the original design and ensured accurate pattern work, Casting and machining could be achieved to fit directly onto the existing machine and function with the original functional requirements.  The machine was re-built with the new saddle and re-commissioned.  The machine was returned to service in an efficient manner and the required accuracies were achieved.


Seymour Retro-fitted and Re-Engineering Asquith 5RM
Re-Engineered Asquith 5RM

Asquith with New Main Spindle ZF Gearbox and Ram design
Re-Designed Ram with New Servo Motor, Ram design and ZF Arrangement

Seymour Re-Engineering X Axis Drive on Asquith 5RM
Re-Engineered Asquith 5RM X Axis Drive

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