Seymour Engineering is a Machine Tool company offering worldwide sales and support.  We offer our own designed and manufactured range of large universal milling and boring machines.   Seymour has a long history in Re-engineering and retrofitting of existing machine and the supply and manufacture of spare parts for a wide range of machine tools.  We also offer machine tool accessories and fixtures.   All of this is backed up by our own in house technical support.

The expertise gained in teh high precision world of machine tool design and maintenance provides an excellent background for general motion requirements.   Seymour encompasses Mechatronic design principles and offers new solutions to motion and positioning requirements to diverse areas of industry.

We are constantly re-evaluating existing solutions and developing the latest technologies with a view to providing better solutions and previously cost prohibitive abilities to our customers.

The requirements for businesses to save money and reduce energy usage can be critical to profitability, this is a founding principle of our design process and fundamental to our E-SHOP and E-Mill design philosophy.  The E-Shop philosophy propagates though all out design and manufacturing processes.

Mission Statement

Seymour will provide quality machine tools, machine products and services, Proving and using the latest technology to help you to keep your business efficient and economical.


Seymour Engineering Ltd was established in 1993 to provide high quality services to machine tool users and Industry in general.

Originally providing Butler, Elgamill and general machine tool services the company has expanded it's offering and expertise over the years.

In 1994 Seymour purchased the Lang Lathe company.  This allowed a diversification bring the offering of Turning to the existing Milling and Planing expertise offered by Seymour.

The Re-Engineering and Re-Designing of machine tools was heavily expanded with our work with the Rail points and crossing and exotic metals industries.  Through this we developed highly efficient Rail planing technologies, Gear-less milling rams, and improved milling head technologies all using in house re-engineering design and build were developed.

Seymour developed its own range of milling machines the Seymour B-Type , Seymour F-Type and Seymour T-Type Universal milling and boring machines utilizing in house design capabilities, drawing on the extensive knowledge gained from re-engineering, modifying and retro-fitting machines.

The continued development of attachments, accessories, machine associated products and motion control technologies compliments the machine building business and drives development in both direction.

Seymour maintains the five key areas of business; New machines, Re-Engineering, Machine Accessories, Spares and Maintenance along with the Technical Support of these areas.  Ensuring we can weather the continuing changing economic cycles whilst maintain our commitment to R&D work.  With Seymour you can rely on a family owned and run business to continue to provide quality services now and into the future.

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