Re-Engineering of Gantry machine

The machine was designed for drilling holes in long pipes at set, regular intervals for water delivery systems on paper machine machines.  Our Customer required more functionality out of the machine with interpolated holes, non circular holes and varying hole centres.  There was also a problem with damaged gears in the headstock, resulting in limited range selection or an expensive gearbox rebuild which would retain the limited number of fixed speeds.

Utilizing proven design concepts from our E-Mill programme we converted the Head stock to a belt driven variable speed servo spindle and integrated a new fully programmable CNC control.  The Siemens 802Dsl with a Siemens Sinamics Spindle servo motor and drive was integrated as the most cost effective solution.

An important criteria of the project was for very easy operation for the standard products produced to allow operators with no Machine tool programming of operating experience to run the machine quickly and safely with minimal training.  This was achieved by creating special cycles for the standard products where the operator only needed to add the parameters on the job sheet.  This coupled with the machine being designed with the standard requirements in mind allowed for a very short training course to get anyone ready for machine operation very quickly.  For special jobs the full CNC capability was still available to skilled operators.

The project included;

  • New Siemens 802Dsl & Sinamics Drive System
  • New Siemens 1PH7 Spindle motor and Sinamics Drive
  • Drive Cliq digital interface between the Spindle Drive and CNC
  • Integration of the existing NUM axis servo Drives into the 802Dsl
  • Integration into and upgrading of the existing Main Electrical Panel
  • New Vertical Ballscrew
  • Complete Seymour designed Headstock internals
  • New Compact Pendant design
  • Drive based Safety (Safety integrated)
  • Bespoke Seymour Cycles for the Standard range of products allowing 1 line programming of a component.
  • Bespoke Seymour Commands for ease of operator usage
  • Drive Cliq digital interface between the Spindle Drive and CNC

Re-Engineered Main Electrical Panel
Re-Designed and Re-Engineered Main Electrical Panel

New Operating Pendant
New Seymour Compact Operator Pendant


Seymour Re-Engineered Gantry Mill
Re-Engineered Gantry Mill

Seymour Re-Engineered Headstock
Re-Engineered Head Variable Speed and Fully controlled for the CNC

Original Headstock
Original Headstock with multi gear manual gear change

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