Our Managing Director worked at Butlers from 1968 to 1993 Spending most of his Career in the Spares and Service Department.  Butlers (Butler Machine Tools and Then Butler Newall) Manufactured Milling Machines, notably the Elgamill, Planers, Slotters, and Grinders.  On Leaving Butlers in 1993 he set up Seymour,  many of the customers that he had worked with at Butlers sort him out at Seymour and continued the working relationship.  One of these Customers was the Building Controller at this Nuclear facility, they needed help with their Butler Elgamill L-Type.  Seymour started supplying Parts, Service, Maintenance and Technical Support.  This relationship then continued and continues to this day.

Major Project Overview

The system on this Butler L-Type Elgamill (LNC) moving column milling machine was the Siemens 8M.  From the installation of the machine in 1986 up to 1999 it had functioned without any serious issue.  An Issue occurred with the CNC, With the hardware support for this system due to be discontinued, our customer sort a replacement.  This replacement was expected to be hardware supportable into the for foreseeable future. Also the system would have to be user friendly both in terms of operator and maintenance users.

Heidenhain was chosen as the system supplier as it provided off the shelf, next day service exchange hardware for all CNC equipment whether current or no longer current.
Siemens was chosen for the Servo Motors and Drives due to the quality of the equipment and their fast service exchange Support provision

The project was split into two planned phases. The machine remained in situ in our customers factory inside the active area for the project.

The first phase had four general requirements;

  • Replace the CNC system
  • Overhaul the mechanics of the machine
  • Install machine guarding
  • inspect the machine for condition of the existing components and make a report

The second phase had two requirements;

  • Replace existing drives and motors
  • Carry out work highlighted in the inspection in phase one

Phase I

The first phase was successfully completed in 2001, this phase included;
  • Hydraulic balance system overhaul and modification
  • Rotary table hydraulic clamp system overhaul and repair<
  • Rotary table encoder repair and refitment
  • Refurbishment of the Universal head
  • Removal of the obsolete Siemens 8M system
  • Retrofit of the new Heidenhain TNC410CA CNC system
  • Installation of a new Handwheel
  • Writing new machine bespoke software
  • New operator interface
  • Replacement of all linear measuring systems
  • Refurbishment of rotary table measuring system
  • Replacement of Rotary table positional readout
  • Integration of stand alone rotary table emergency stop circuit with main machine circuit
  • Guarding existing equipment to IP2X
  • Comprehensive operator training
  • Machine Guarding to BS EN 292
  • Extensive diagnostics and fault information on screen
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Customer specified project planning and presentation procedures
  • Our employees were required to attend nuclear industry courses and pass the course exams.
  • Nuclear industry management training courses were attended and exams passed.
  • Compliance with very strict Atomic energy working practices and procedures.
  • On Going Support

Phase II

The second phase was successfully completed 2002, this phase included;
  • Removal of existing axis drives
  • New axis drives for all axes conforming to current legislation
  • New axis motors for all axes, mounting and commissioning
  • New Spindle drive conforming to current legislation
  • New Spindle motor, mounting and commissioning
  • Removal of existing Spindle drives
  • Build a new panel to mount new equipment
  • Bring Electrical systems up to IP2X
  • Removal of old terminals and replacement with new

On Going Work

After the major project Seymour continued to support the machine ranging from technical support to medium sized projects.

Some of this work included;

  • Technical Support
  • Scheduled Servicing
  • Machine Alignment and Geometry maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Delivering Maintenance Training to allow the customer to achieve and maintain Competency
  • Supply Spares
  • Servo drive and Motor Expert service and Repair
  • Rotary Table Hydraulic systems service and repair
  • New Servo Drive system for the Rotary Table when the Original came to the End of its life
  • New Milling Head to suit changing requirements
  • Milling Head refurbishment and Repair

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