Retrofit and refurbish

Our Customer sourced a DSG (Dean Smith and Grace) 2413 Pioneer lathe which was not functioning correctly with the intention of having it retrofitted and refurbished.  Seymour had previously worked with Dean Smith and Grace of Keighley helping them develop their Retrofit program.  We were approached directly by our customer to refurbish and retrofit this machine.

The machine was delivered to Seymour and a fully inspection was carried out.  The main issues found were;

  • The Philips 3000 CNC sometimes failed to run
  • The GEC axis drives made uncommanded moves
  • There were wiring faults and intermittent failures
  • The Sauter Turret failed to index correctly every time
  • The Cross slide low friction material was badly worn
  • The Lubrication system was not lubricating correctly
  • The axis alignments were out of tolerance
  • The load on the axes was too high and unpredictable

The machine was completely overhauled and retrofitted to bring it back to good working order.  The final result was a machine that was more capable and much easier to use than the original new spec.

A Fagor 8040TC was chosen as it was a very cost effective system and allowed the existing Analogue drive setup to be used whilst bringing state of the art features and graphical, conversational programming features to the machine.  It also had the special features required to ensure that critical timing requirements for the Sauter turret could be guaranteed.

The project included;

  • New Fagor 8040 TC conversations CNC Control
  • New Axis Servo drives
  • New Safety system including Emergency Stop
  • New Guard interlocking
  • Complete Re-Wire
  • Overhaul of the Sauter turrent
  • Overhaul of the Lubrication System
  • New Slideway low friction material
  • Overhaul of Ballscrew and replacement bearings
  • Stripping out many of the Electrical components
  • Many New Electrical parts
  • Much simplified Electrical Panel
  • CNC and PLC control of many of the original Hard wired relay based electrics
  • Full alignments and geometries
  • Complete clean down and re-paint in modern colour scheme
  • Installation
  • CAD and CAM Systems
  • Full operator Training
  • New Documentation
  • After Sales operator Support

Seymour E-Turn Logo Design efficiency

The machine utilizes the Seymour E-SHOP, E-Turn philosophy.  Previous work assisting Dean Smith and Grace develop their retrofit program was brought to bear especially with the Sauter turrent operation requirements which not all controls could reliably control.  The work previously carried out with Siemens 840D controls translated onto this project and many of the potential problems seen by other implementations of DSG lathe retrofit were avoided.

The Efficiency drive of the E-Shop philosophy is obvious in the Electrical design.  New components, intelligent system design and software based instead of relay based logic meant many fewer components are required and much more free space is in the electrical panel than the original design.



New operator ergonomic fascia plate. Rebuilt Sauter Turret and New improved machine lighting.


The machine was completely painted in a modern 2 tone manner. The Mechanics were overhauled and Electrics stripped down and modernised producing a machine that functioned better than the original Spec.


After 1 1/2 days of training the skilled conventional operator was confident with the machine. After a further 2 days programming and self learning from the manuals many complex components had been programmed.

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