Completely Re-Engineered Machine

The first machine to come out of the Seymour E-SHOP Program was a Butler T-Type Elgamill.  Many more followed with the E-MILL build process continually evolving and improving with each machine.

When the E-SHOP programme was launched a donor machine was needed, On the Shop floor we had an old Elgamill T-Type which had been taken as part exchange.  The machine had been kept going until it finally terminally failed and a replacement machine was required.

The main issues were;

  • The Vertical DC servo motor burnt out
  • The Shared DC drive was damaged when the motor failed
  • The Vertical Ballscrew had collapsed
  • Half of the Ram ranges were not selectable
  • The FEROBESTOS had come off the table
  • The Lubrication system was faulty
  • The Electrical panel had faults
  • The Geometries were poor
  • The milling head was very noisy

The machine was in need of a lot of work and parts to return it to use and if it was repaired and returned to it's original condition then it would still be an old manual machine with only single axis machining capabilities and a manually selected ram gearbox.

This was the ideal project for starting the E-SHOP Programme on.  The original intention was to Re-Engineer and Retrofit the machine for use in our own machine shop.  Our customers could then view the machine and see our work before placing orders,  As soon as the machine was build a customer needed a machine, viewed the E-MILL and bought it.  We started another E-MILL straight away which again was bought, it took Seymour a long number of years before we managed to build a machine that remained in our Machine Shop.

The first E-Mill project included;

  • Completely stripped and re-build machine major castings an assemblies
  • Table Ferobestos removed and replaced with a none Asbestos based equivalent
  • Rebuild and modified vertical ballscrew
  • Vertical ballscrew brake
  • Refurbished Ram and Table Ballscrews
  • repairs to Slideway damage
  • Completely gutting the Ram gearbox
  • Seymour Gear-less Ram Conversion
  • Spindle Servo motor and small efficient 2 speed gearbox
  • Seymour converter universal milling head with improved strength
  • New Heidenhain TNC 410M Digital CNC control
  • New Heidenhain Digital Axis Servo motors and Drives
  • New Spindle Drive
  • New Pendant Arm
  • Complete new Seymour Compact Electrical panel - column mounted
  • Machine fully painted and presented as a new machine
  • Complete new Seymour integrated Guarding system - E-MGuard

Seymour E-Mill Logo Design efficiency

The machine proved to be extremely efficient and performed very well in a machine shop cutting predominantly hard materials including Inconel.  The Seymour improved head design was extremely efficient and durable, dramatically reducing the maintenance required. 


Seymour Re-Engineered T-Type with No Guards

Seymour Re-Engineered Elgamill T-Type before Guards installed

Seymour Re-Engineered T-Type with Guards

Seymour Re-Engineered Elgamill T-Type with Guards installed

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