Improve productivity or bring a faulty machine back to life

Re-Engineering a Machine tool allows for functions or operations that were not previously available to be realized on a machine.  At Seymour we re-engineer from the smallest change to the complete re-purpose of castings and machine parts.  Seymour has been heavily involved in re-engineering from the start of the company.

Re-Engineering and Retrofitting go hand in hand.  All the benefits of retrofitting can be included in a re-engineering project with the difference that the machine is also being substantively changed.

Seymour SEL 5B with Siemens 828D

Seymour SEL-5B Supply and with Siemens 828D   E-Mill Logo    Siemens Logo

The SEL-xB Re-engineered machine project utilizes a combination of original used machine castings and New Seymour Castings and components.  This product range can be seen to have directly evolved through our re-engineering of Elgamills to suit the hard operating conditions required for Rail, fabrication and Iconel machining.   The machine is supplied as a full turnkey project with a Siemens 828D CNC, Seymour E-MGuard and Machine safety.

E-NC Pendant

CNC Gantry Mill With Siemens 802Dsl   E-Mill Logo    Siemens Logo

The Rail planing product line is a developed process which has resulted in the E-NC product range.  This is the re-engineering of machines to bring modern axis drives and motors along with safe control to machines.  The development path now includes Planing, milling, Rotary Table standalone control and special purpose machines.

Asquith 5RM

Re-Engineering Asquith 5RM   E-Mill Logo    Siemens Logo

The Asquith 5RM Floor Borer Was converted from conventional control to Siemens 840D SL CNC Control.  Extensive re-engineering was required to replace the original drive systems with high precision Ballscrews and servo rack.   The headstock was substantially rebuilt and re-designed for improved and quieter running.

CNC Gantry Mill

CNC Gantry Mill With Siemens 802Dsl   E-Mill Logo    Siemens Logo

The Gantry Mill Project was a complete re-design of the milling head and a conversion from NC Drilling to CNC drilling and milling.

Seymour SEL 3T

Seymour Re-Engineered machine using NEw and Used Castings and Fabrications   E-Mill Logo    Heidenhain Logo    Siemens Logo

The SE-3T Project included re-engineering, refurbishment and retrofit.  The NEw Seymour T-Type 3m Bed and Table was married to an existing Elgamill Column and Ram.   the Milling head was upgraded and a Complete New electrical Panel, CNC, Servo Drives and Motors were installed.

Webster Bennett conversion to CNC with Fagor 8040

Webster Bennett Fagor 8040T   E-Turn Logo    Fagor Logo

The Webster Bennett is a complete re-engineer from a Conventional machine to a CNC with a Fagor 8040T.   The Machine wsa stripped and extension upgrades to the drive systems and the Table control were performed.

Kolomna VTL Table

Kolomna 1563 CNC Re-Engineering and Retrofit    E-Turn Logo    Siemens Logo

The Kolomna 1563 Project included extensive re-engineering and conversion to CNC.

Rail Milling

Elgamill CS10 Re-Engineering for rail milling    E-Mill Logo    Siemens Logo

The Rail milling Project included extensive re-engineering of the Ram and head along with a CNC upgrade.

Elgamill T-Type

Butler Elgamill Refurb, Re-Engineer and retrofit   E-Mill Logo    Heidenhain Logo    Siemens Logo

The Elgamill T-Type Project included re-engineering, refurbishment and retrofit.

Elgamill T-Type

Butler Elgamill Refurb, Re-Engineer and retrofit   E-Mill Logo    Heidenhain Logo

The Elgamill T-Type Project included re-engineering, refurbishment and retrofit.


Milling SWIVEL function use to improve productivity

An example of how a Seymour retrofit can greatly improve your productivity is if you consider a universal head on a machine tool.   This is designed to achieve any forward front hemisphere angle for the tool.   Many owners only use horizontal or vertical cardinal angles or simple back plate angles only.   At Seymour we have developed the use of the modern swivel functions of the Siemens 828D and 840D controls on our new milling machines and these are implemented on our retrofits as standard (system dependant).

This means that all that the machine operator or programmer has to do is tell the machine the angle they need to machine at, the CNC calculates the angles that the head sections need to be set to.  The machine tilts itself (the working plane) to the angle of the working face.   This brings many benefits including;

  • The Program is easy to create and independent of work-piece actual alignment
  • The program is created in the G17 (XY) plane as per the drawing
  • No need to do trig to manually create the compound axis movements required to work on the angled face
  • THE TOOL REMAINS THE Z AXIS, PENDENDICULAR TO THE WORKING PLANE.   (The operator can simply jog Z+ to take a drill out of a hole)
  • Large, difficult to align jobs are no longer a problem, clock in the actual alignment and Swivel the machine and head to match
  • Proven programs can be used on any face
  • The program is easier to understand and follow
  • CAM systems can be set up to use the Swivel function meaning the operator can still easily retract the tool (Z+) regardless of the face angle
  • As CAM generated programs use the swivel function, operators can easily and safely change the swivel angle to match the actual alignment of the work-piece without having to wait for a new CAM generated program.
  • Seymour developed, machine specific, CAM packages include the Swivel function
  • .....

The Picture shows Interpolated milling on a rotated Plane. Using the Swivel function.

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Interpolation of a rotated plance. Arcelormittal Orbit bearing face.

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