Machine Geometries

Full machine inspections are provided.  Alignment and motion checks with Reports along with any corrections and repairs required.  Seymour offers machine geometry services including, level and alignment inspections, Ballbar and laser inspection, re-Levelling and aligning, repair, adjustment and correction and compensation along with results, reports and certification.

Achieving the best results form a machine requires multiple steps.  Commonly the Process is known as Calibration but Calibration is just one of the required steps.  In Order to achieve good results from a machine we need to;

  • Understand how the machine is moving and functioning
  • Learn if the machine is predictable - does it repeat and should it repeat?
  • Ensure the machine mechanically functions as well as it can
  • Make physical Adjusts to the machine to make it function as well as it can
  • Make any software based adjustments to improve how the machine functions
  • Check how the machine is functioning and formally record the results

The level to which any of these steps is taken depends on the required results from the machine and the expected capabilities of the machine.  The process is tailored to the realistic requirements.  The methodology is as follows;

  • 1. Calibrate the machine - Measure and record the geometries and Motion as found
  • 2. Adjust - Look for physical errors, repair, replace or correct the causes
  • 3. Calibrate - Measure again, is the machine improved and by how much?
  • 4. Assess - Has the area in focus improved and by how much?
  • 5. Repeat - Go back to Step 2 until complete - Get each aspect to the required level then move to the next area.
  • 6. Calibrate the machine - Measure and record the geometries and Motion as corrected
  • 7. Assess the results - Compare the 'corrected' results against the 'as found' results
  • 8. Compensate - If appropriate and possible then compensation can be carried out on the machine.  This follows the same Calibrate, Adjust, Calibrate, Repeat process as above using compensation tables and parameters instead of physical adjustments
  • 9. Present - Once the required results have been achieved they are presented to the Customer.

Results and Certification

Inspection Reports

Recording results and retaining the records for the future reference is an important preventative maintenance procedure.  By comparing results over time, maintenance planning and machine reliability can be assessed.  Understanding how the machine functions and how it changes over time allows for confidence in machine performance and predictable production results.

Inspection, Maintenance and understanding of processors and influences is a key part of any Quality management system.  Having a culture of regular, relevant, inspections and good operator level check and records gives confidence to both operators and customers and ultimately helps a business perform well and to demonstrate that it performs well.

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