The world beating machine

The Butler Elgamill was the work horse of British Machining shops, had world wide appeal and can truly be considered a world beater of it's time.  The design and manufacture of the Machine in Halifax, England resulted in many innovations that lead the Machine tool world.   The HE Elgamill was the Final iteration of the ubiquitous Bulter Elgamill design and development pathway.   The HE Elgamill is still a significant presence in the machining world.  The robust and high quality design and build have resulted in the machines longevity and are still capable of producing high quality work.

Seymour offer full support for the HE Elgamill whether your requirements are maintaining, repairing or retrofitting a Machine that you own or you require a full turnkey supply, refurbish, retrofit, install, manufacture and integrate guarding, provide bespoke fixturing, train your operators and provide routine service and breakdown cover.

HE Elgamill

HE Elgamill with Siemens 828D

HE Elgamill Supply and Retrofit with Siemens 828D   E-Mill Logo    Siemens Logo

The HE Elgamill This was a complete machine supply project.   This Elgamill HE machine was supplied retrofitted with a Siemens 828D SL CNC, Seymour E-MGuard and Machine safety.  The physical machine safety was upgraded with a Seymour designed Guard system around the vertical slide and Ram.  Box Tables and Seymour designed bespoke fixtures were provided to suit the components along with a tooling package.

The Siemens Safety controller integrates into the Siemens 828Dsl controller, greatly improving the safety of the machine both from that of the original design and when compared to many add on approaches used today.

HE Elgamill with Fagor 8055

HE Elgamill Supply and Retrofit with Fagor 8055MC   E-Mill Logo    Fagor Logo  with Siemens Safety

The HE Elgamill This was a complete machine supply project.   This Elgamill HE machine was supplied retrofitted with a Fagor 8055 CNC, Seymour E-MGuard and Machine safety, Bespoke Seymour Designed fixtures and a Tooling package.

The Siemens Safety controller integrates into the machine control functions.   This Siemens system developed by Seymour is designed to be a stand alone system that effectively integrates into any CNC and Drive system.   Proven techniques and designs are re-used from project to project.   The Siemens Safety controller is integrated into the Fagor CNC.   The Seymour E-MGuard safety system greatly improves on both the Original Elgamill design and or the safety approaches commonly used today.

Full turnkey

Many Companies are looking to mitigate supply change, skills and time-scale issues by bringing machining in-house.  When a companies previous experience of machining their products has been subcontracting out or buying in cut blanks that must then be welded perfectly into position, There is a need to bridge the knowledge gap.

At Seymour we have been supporting and re-engineering these machines for decades.   We also run our own machine shop for the manufacture of our own machines, accessories and products.  This makes Seymour perfectly placed for providing a full turnkey package all the way through from machine specification, and supply through upgrade and installation to fixturing, tooling and training as well as CAD and CAM if required.  Get intouch and find out how we can help you.

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