Supplied, Retrofitted and upgraded Machine

Our Customer approached Seymour for a full turnkey package from specification through supply, retrofit ,installation, make legally compliant, training and service of a machine that was suitable for milling and drilling all the requirements for the steel work for modern large scale construction projects.  This Elgamill was located in Europe, it had already been stripped and was in storage.  Due to Seymour's experience and decades of work with HE Elgamills we knew what would be needed to return this machine to reliable production with a modern CNC Control without being able to view the machine.  This was to be the companies first Large CNC milling machine so ease of use was essential.

The original CNC was still on the machine, a Siemens System 8.   This was removed and replaced.  The original electrical panel was very large and installed next to the machine.   This was completely stripped with the servo drives moved to the much smaller Electrical panel which was fitted to the machine Column.  This greatly reduced the machine overall footprint.

The E-Mill project included;

  • Complete new electrical panel configuration
  • Siemens 828Dsl providing greatly improved functionality including;
    • Modern intuitive operator interface
    • Much Faster program processing
    • Much faster Boot time
    • Networking
    • Large capacity program storage
    • Modern conversational programming
    • Diagnostics with detail
    • Program solid simulation
    • ......Decades of CNC improvement and development
  • Swivel function for the universal head (see here for information. )
  • BS EN ISO 13849-1 Compliant Safety system
  • Axis drive refurbishment and repair
  • Integration with Analogue Axis Servo drives
  • Axis servo motor refurbishment
  • Integration with Analogue Spindle Drive
  • Replacement of Spindle Drive
  • Spindle Motor refurbishment
  • Milling head rebuild
  • Reduced power consumption through improved electrical design
  • Reduced overall machine footprint due to column mounted compact Electrical panel
  • Improved Machine diagnostics
  • Balance system refurbishment
  • Hydraulics system refurbishment and return to correct operation
  • Lubrication system refurbishment
  • Work-piece probing
  • New pendant Enclosure
  • Remote Handwheel
  • On machine, low energy, workpiece lighting
  • Machine fully painted
  • Machine moving part Guard upgrade
  • Platform upgrade with Safety and interlocks
  • New scratch resistant platform front door
  • Moving machine safety bump strips
  • Platform based tool station and inspection system
  • Remote diagnostics
  • bespoke fixture system
  • Full installation
  • Operator Training
  • Tooling Package

Seymour E-Mill Logo Design efficiency

In line with our E-Shop  philosophy and programme, the Siemens 828D analogue drives system is based on our proved previous production and retrofit machines (see our shop Elgamill project for the basis of this project ).


New Control Pendant

The Seymour New Control Pendant. The arm swings from the operator platform over the bed to the back side of the column for ease or set up and inspection.


Seymour Retrofitted HE Elgamill

Seymour Supplied HE Elgamill, Retrofitted, Safety Upgraded and bespoke fixturing provided

 HE Seymour upgraded operator Platform

Seymour HE operator Platform upgraded with Guarding and Tool Station

New Compact Electrical panel design

The Seymour New Compact electrical panel design, greatly reducing machine foot print. Also the new guarding around the headslide and ram along with safe edge bump strips

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