Retrofitted and upgraded Machine

This Elgamill had been looked after by Seymour for many years and we had previously replaced all the Axis Drives and motors and the Spindle drive.  The site was closed and Seymour took to opportunity to buy the machine.

The original CNC was a paper tape fed GE1050.  The machine was completely stripped and re-built with all the original electrical panel, CNC and wiring removed.  We decided to use this machine to develop our Retrofit offering using the newly available Siemens 828Dsl for analogue drives system configuration.  This allowed the use of the proven Seymour B-Type Siemens 828Dsl software and data to be used as the Base for the machine.   This machine is used in our own machine shop, it functions and appears to the operator the Same as our B-Type configuration and allows us to develop for both our New or completely refurbished machine offering and develop our analogue retrofit offering on the same machine.   The machine can also be used to train customers in the use and operation of their new or retrofitted machine before their machine is complete.

This machine is the epitome of our E-Shop  philosophy and programme.   At Seymour we use our own products to manufacture our products and feedback into our development programme.   We constantly use our machines, designs and features to ensure we understand and imporve our own products.  This process allows us to develop and test our milling heads in a real world environment, Develop our E-MGuard offering and solutions along with our Machine safety approach, Develop machining techniques, Develop and Prove our CAM offering, Test Software, Test and develop our remote diagnostics, integrate accessories and attachments, Train our personnel and demonstrate to customers.

The E-Mill project included;

  • Complete new electrical panel
  • Siemens 828Dsl providing greatly improved functionality including;
    • Modern intuitive operator interface
    • Much Faster program processing
    • Much faster Boot time
    • Networking
    • Large capacity program storage
    • Modern conversational programming
    • Natural language diagnostics
    • Program solid simulation
    • ......Decades of CNC improvement and development
  • Absolute measuring systems (No referencing required)
  • Swivel function for the universal head (see here for information. )
  • BS EN ISO 13849-1 Compliant Safety system
  • Integration with Analogue Axis Servo drives
  • Integration with Analogue Spindle Drive
  • Reduced power consumption through improved electrical design
  • Reduced overall machine footprint due to column mounted compact Electrical panel
  • Improved Machine diagnostics
  • Balance system upgrade
  • Work-piece probing
  • Light weight, highly positionable pendant arm
  • Remote Handwheel
  • On machine, low energy, workpiece lighting
  • 4th Axis integration
  • Machine fully painted and presented as a new machine

Seymour E-Mill Logo Design efficiency

Customers can visit Seymour and see a machine in production that reflects either in whole or part what we are offering.  Our continuous improvement drive generates better solutions and these get integrated into future projects. The fact that we are actively developing on our own production machines gives customers the confidence that we understand their machining requirements, we "walk the walk" not merely "talk the talk".

Regardless of whether it's a New Seymour machine, A Seymour re-engineered machine or a Seymour retrofitted machine, our customers benefit from the integrated design, build and feedback process that we call E-Shop .


Seymour Retrofitted Elgamill T-Type

Seymour Retrofitted Elgamill T-Type

New Compact Electrical panel design

The Seymour New Compact electrical panel

New Control Pendant

The Seymour New Control Pendant

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