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A range of heavy duty milling and boring machines, designed and manufactured in Halifax, England.

F-Type: Floor type very heavy duty milling and boring machine

B-Type: Fixed bed, moving column type universal milling and boring machine

T-Type: Moving table type universal milling and boring machine

Seymour own all the designs and manufacturing drawings for the Lang, Wickman Lang and Stirk centre lathes. Repairs and spares are offered for all of these machines.


The milling head is the key part of many milling and boring machines.  We offer a range of new heads and design special purpose heads to order.   Repair, modification and service of any milling head is also essential to your business and we offer this service,

Milling Heads

New rotary work holding units are offered by Seymour. Standard and bespoke units are on offer. Standalone control and fully integrated versions are available. Also repair and refurbishment work is provided for all makes of unit.

Rotary Fixtures

Keeping machine tool fit for the work that they are required to perform is essential for efficient production. Seymour have a long history of undertaking re-engineering and retrofit projects.



Full support for the Elgamill including sales, spares, retro-fitting, re-engineering and installing are offered from our works in Halifax. Detailed records are held allowing Seymour to identify your machine and offer the correct parts and support efficiently and accurately.


Full service and maintenance is provided by Seymour for any make of machine tool.



Machine tool design and manufacture translates to other machines and accessories.

Special purpose projects

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