Rail and Points & Crossings experience

Servicing the Rail Sector has been a core of Seymour Engineering Ltd since our inception.  Providing spares, maintenance, re-engineering, bespoke CNC cycles, and the supply of machines for both milling and planing rail and related products.

One of Seymour's first Customers was the then London Underground Limited (LUL) in the Track Workshops.  At LUL, as well as a lot of general spares, maintenance and the sourcing of machines, Seymour utilized a lot of our re-engineering expertise and implemented E-Mill, E-Plane and E-NC projects, developing many of these specifically for rail.

A lot of Elgamills and Lang Lathes are used in the Rail industry world wide.  Seymour has a long track record of providing spares, maintenance, re-engineering and technical support rail related activities through the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Some of our key services relating to the rail sector are;

  • Seymour B-Type Milling machine
  • Machine Supply
  • Elgamill Parts
  • Lang Parts
  • Machine Maintenance
  • New or Re-Engineered Milling heads, strengthened for rail work
  • Conversion of milling machines to Seymour Gear-less Rams
  • E-Plane Planer conversion to automated NC controlled
  • Milling machine retrofit and re-engineering
  • Special Rail milling cycles

Seymour E-SHOP Logo Design efficiency

The work and projects carried out in the Rail Sector have directly fed the Seymour E-Shop and exemplify the concept of cross application of expert knowledge through the entire Mechatronic process. ; Some of the unique requirements from past and current Rail and points machining and the knowledge gained have fed into other E-Shop projects, notably the Seymour F-Type and B-Type machines whilst motion control and CNC knowledge has fed into the automation of Rail products.

Rail Milling 

Railway Line milling

Pushing a Re-Engineered Elgamill to see what it could achieve.

During testing of a machine Re-Engineered for railway line work, an error was made in the program.  All involved decided to let the cut run and see what the machine could achieve.  This picture shows that the machine was capable of removing the complete side of a standard 1435mm Gauge European rail in one pass.  Although we would never recommend this as a production method of machining, it goes to shown that a standard Elgamill, with the correct Design and Re-Engineering knowledge, can be re-engineered to massively out perform its original design spec.

Rail Planing 

Butler Planer Conversion

A Butler planer conversion to NC control.  Replacing the worn out feed mechanism and the Asbestos containing Electrical panel with New fully automated, Seymour E-NC motion control

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