Installation Services

We have a wealth of experience of the Installation of machine tools both new and old and of removing existing machines.  Machines of any size or weight can be accommodated.  Awkward machine siting and complicated positioning due to on site physical restrictions can be evaluated and dealt with.  Installation or removal through walls or roofs can be planned and executed.  Turn key projects, full project co-ordination, project planning and requirements evaluation can be completed.

Full project co-ordination.
Accessing the type of machine that best suits your needs.
Locating a second hand or new machine.
Inspection of a potential machine.
Locating a company or dealer to buy your existing machine.
Removal of your existing machine.
Moving and re-installation of you machine from one location to another.
Removal of your 'NEW' machine.
Mobile craneage.
Floor preparation and civil engineering work.
Machine siting.
Machine installation.
Machine alignments.
Machine accuracy inspection and reports.
Operator training.
Programmer training.
After project care.
Breakdown service and repair.
Replacement parts.
Copying of damaged parts.
Service contracts.
Mechanical retro-fits.
Electrical retro-fits.
CNC retro-fits.
Safe guard systems.
Current machine safety requirements upgrades.

Complicated requirements catered for

Elgamill HE Column and Ram lifted through the roof

Complicated or straight forward installations and removals can be professionally catered for.

Shown here is a Butler Elgamill HE Column, Head slide and Ram Assembly being lifted through a factory Roof.  Due to the factory layout the only way to move the machine was by removing a section of the roof and using a mobile crane outside the building.  The whole process was safely planned, organized and executed by Seymour Engineering.

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