BFT105 Retrofit

Seymour had been maintaining the machine for many years.  The machine was originally built with a Heidenhain TNC155 CNC with a Siemens S5-130K PLC running Siemens and Bauer Analogue Servo drives and VEB DC servo axis motors.  Over time the issues with the ageing mostly obsolete electrical systems on the machine became more frequent and very expensive.

The decision was made to retrofit the machine to achieve improvements in both reliability and function.  The Heidenhain TNC530 CNC was chosen as there were existing Union Borers in the shop with compatible Heidenhain TNC426 and 430 controls and the machine networking work that Seymour had already carried out would allow for easy sharing of programmes between all of the machines.

Utilizing Heidenhain CNC with Siemens 611D motors and Drives concepts proven in our E-Mill programme the functionality of the machine was improved changing both the quill (W Axis) and the rotary table (B Axis) from positioning only shared drive systems to independently controlled full CNC interpolating axes.

The project included;

  • Complete removal of the original Electrical Panel, wiring, and all axis and Spindle Motors
  • New Electrical Panel
  • Heidenhain TNC530
  • Siemens 611D servo Drives
  • Siemens 1PH7 Spindle Motor
  • Siemens 1FK7 Axis Motors
  • New Compact Pendant design
  • Conversion of the quill from 3 position and clamp only with no positional feedback to a fully CNC controlled axis with interpolation capability
  • Conversion of B Axis to fully interpolating capability
  • connection to the factory network
  • Operator Training

New Main Electrical Panel
New Floor Standing Main Electrical Panel


Seymour Retrofitted Union BFT105
Seymour Retrofitted Union BFT105

New Operating Pendant
New Seymour Compact Operator Pendant

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