New Milling Heads

We offer a range of heads which are capable of fitting a wide range of machine tools.  We design and develop milling heads to meet the heavy duty requirements of our machines and offer bespoke or special heads to meet your exact or specific requirements.

As standard the index rings are installed in convention with the conventional ISO 841 machine co-ordinate system.  If you need a head as a replacement for an existing head we can supply the head with non conventional rings to suit your machines original configuration and look up tables as is often the case with Butler, Mecof and Huron machines.

All heads come as standard with the international 50 spindle taper with the universal 7:24 angle used by DIN, MAS, ANSI and CAT standards.  Other tapers are available on request.

HD30 Universal milling Head

Seymour HD30 Universal milling headThe HD30 universal milling head is a very versatile head suited to a large range of milling machines.

The combination of the rear vertical joint and the front 45 degree joint allows a Universal head to achieve any "forward" angle for the cutting tool.

We manufacture the backplate and interface to suit the machine unto which it is being fitted.

The 22kW (continuous) head is a compact and robust head available with both hydraulic drawbar or manual draw bolt.

HD40 Universal milling Head

Seymour HD40 Universal milling headThe HD40 universal milling head is a heavier duty head than the HD30.  We manufacture the backplate and interface to suit the machine unto which it is being fitted.

The 30kW (continuous) head has a hydraulic drawbar.

HD50 Universal milling Head

Seymour HD50 Universal milling headThe HD50 universal milling head is based on the HD40 head with modifications for through spindle coolant.  Through coolant can have a large impact on the cutting performance, tip wear and thermal characteristics of the operation undertaken.  An added benefit is the coolant reduces the internal temperature of the heat and reduces the ability of the cutting process from transferring heat into the spindle, bearing and gears, which can increase operating life and allow more power to be utilized by the cutting process.

RA30 Right angle milling head

Seymour RA30 Right Angle milling headThe RA30 right angle milling head has a rear rotating section that allows the tool to be moved a full 360 degrees.

The 30kW (continuous) is available with hydraulic drawbar or manual drawbolt and with or without through coolant.  The length of the head can also be modified to suit your requirements.

Existing Milling Heads

We repair, service and modify any make of milling head.  We have loan heads available and sell reconditioned milling heads

Loan Heads

Elgmaill MkII Loan  milling headIf your head needs work we can keep you in production whilst it is being repaired.  We have a selection of makes and models of milling head available for loan.  These loan heads are also available for customers who have a specific short term need of a head.

Head pictured is a Butler head as fitted to CS10, DR12, CR15V3, CR15V4, HD and HE Elgamill machines.

With the correct backplate and coupling we can configure our loan heads to be adapted to suit most milling machines.

Contact us with your requirements.

Head Repair, Service, Re-Engineering

Milling head service, repair and Re-Engineering has always been a key part of the Seymour business. We maintain many types of head from a wide range of manufacturers.  A small sample of the heads that we work on are listed below;

Elgmaill CS10 MkI  milling headElgamill CS10 MkI Head.  This is a oil lubricated head which was re-engineered with our improved centre bearing arrangement.  The Butler CS10 head is similar or the same as a Mecof CS10 head as Butler manufactured the original Elgamills under licence from Mecof and developed the machines from the Mecof Designs.

Correa 2 spindle milling headCorrea 2 Spindle milling head.  This head is from a Nicolas Correa CF20

SHW auto indexing milling headSHW Auto indexing head.  This head is from a SHW UF6 5 axis machine.

Soraluce auto indexing head milling headSoraluce auto indexing head.  This is was from a Soraluce Sora 2 machine.  We installed this machine and re-commissioned it after the machine had been bought unseen by our customer.  The head had problems that required new bearings and many new parts followed by re-commissioning.

Butler Auto indexing HeadButler auto indexing head.  From a Butler HE Elgamill.  We have extensive experience of all Butler heads with many parts for this an other Butler heads in stock or made as required.


We supply parts for milling heads with many available from stock.  We manufacture parts in our own machine shop allowing bespoke manufacture to suit any head that we are working on.

Milling Heads Parts

Shown is a small selection of parts available ranging from raw casting to fully machined components.

Re-Conditioned Head sales

We have a programme of re-conditioning milling heads, we have heads available immediately for sale, in the process of being re-conditioned and heads awaiting reconditioning.  Our stock is constantly changing so contact us to discuss your requirements.

Current stock includes;

  • Butler Elgamill Mk II (Manual draw bolt)
  • Butler Elgamill Mk III (Hydraulic drawbar)
  • CME Universal Head from a CME FS3
  • Huron Universal head
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