Elgamill Re-Engineering

Our Customer had been buying Spare parts for their CS10 Elgamill for some time.   As there were Rail milling the original Elgamill CS10 Ram and the milling head could not take the power and vibration that Rail milling imposed on it.   We suggested that we re-engineer the Ram and Head to better suit the task in hand.

The key parts of the project;

  • Completely re-designed Ram
  • Seymour Belt driven Ram
  • New Servo Spindle motor and Drive
  • New ZF gearbox (note below)
  • Head rebuild with Seymour Strength upgrade
  • Upgrade CNC from NUM720 to NUM1020
  • Improve Lubrication
Seymour Re-Engineered CS10 RAM
Re-Designed Ram with New Servo Motor Gearbox and belt drive

Original CS10 RAM
The original CS10 Ram before the re-engineering

Rail Milling 

Railway Line milling

Pushing a Re-Engineered Elgamill to see what it could achieve.

During testing of a machine Re-Engineered for railway line work, an error was made in the program.  All involved decided to let the cut run and see what the machine could achieve.  This picture shows that the machine was capable of removing the complete side of a standard 1435mm Gauge European rail in one pass.  Although we would never recommend this as a production method of machining, it goes to shown that a standard Elgamill, with the correct Design and Re-Engineering knowledge, can be re-engineered to massively out perform its original design spec.

Seymour E-SHOP Logo Design efficiency

NOTE:After this project the design has been improved and the ZF gearbox is not required.  Using the Correct Siemens Spindle Motor delivers the ideal amount of power and torque at the right spindle speed.   This further saves on Energy usage and reduces the possibility of delivering too much power and torque which can occur with the original design.

The Constant design and improvement of the E-Shop concept is fed into the automation of Rail products and all other aspects of our Engineering processes.

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