Kolomna 1583

The Kolomna 1563 is a 6.3m Table VTL with twin rams and moving Bridge.  The Original machine was NC controlled with leadscrews and Clutches for the axis feeds and Very old technology Electrical Panel.  The machine is in a 5m pit and originally had the large electrical panel in it's own room behind the machine.

In the Sheffield floods The factory was completely flooded with over 1m of water and waves reaching much higher.  The pit remained flooded for weeks after and much of the machine was covered in silt with it filling gearboxes, motors, electrics, clutches and bearings and destroying many of these components.

Due to the high number of obsolete components and old technology the quickest and most cost effective solution was to completely Re-Engineer the machine to a CNC Machine with ballscrew axis drives and dual channel operation.

This project exemplified the Seymour E-SHOP and E-Turn philosophies utilizing proven concepts from milling and turning designs.

The project included;

  • Main 5 ton Gearbox removed to Halifax and overhauled with new bearings, I new shaft and 2 Helical gears
  • New Electrical panel built
  • Lead screws replaced with ballscrews
  • Clutches and feed boxes replaced with Servo Gearboxes and servo motors
  • New Electrical panel platform
  • New 125Kw Spindle motor
  • Siemens 840Disl and Sinamics
  • Full integration into the CNC of all peripheral devices
  • New Hydraulic systems for the clamps
  • 2 Channel CNC operation allow different programs to be run in each ram simultaneously
  • Refurbishment of the main table bearing


Seymour Re-Engineered and Retrofitted Kolomna 1563
Seymour Re-Engineered and Retrofitted Kolomna 1563

Kolomna Large forging turning
Seymour Re-Engineered and Retrofitted Kolomna 1563

The new equipment

Kolomna Pit Completely flooded E-Shop
The Project was an obvious opportunity and fitted with the E-Shop Philosophy of building on already developed designs and concepts and developing new areas.  This was an opportunity to work closely with Siemens as the large Sinamics motor and drive was the first implementation of these large format drives and motor in the UK.  The Siemens 840DiSL CNC turning application had already been proven and used with our development collaboration with DSG (Dean Smith and Grace) of Keighley and standard size Sinamics drives were being developed for our F-Type Milling Machine.
Kolomna Table Re-Install
New operating Pendant, Dual channel operation Large Format and standard Format Sinamics Drives

The Flood and Rebuild

The Re-Engineering Project was an extensive undertaking.

Kolomna Pit Completely flooded Kolomna in build Kolomna Table Re-Install
The machine pit completely flooded Re-Engineering in Progress Table Re-Installation
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