Seymour   can offer services to fulfil all the requirements of current or perspective Elgamill owners.
For experience, knowledge and ability, Seymour Engineering is the preferred supplier of many Elgamill users.

Elgamill Sales

Currently we have a T-type Elgamill receiving a full refurbishment in our works. This is a stock machine and is available for sale. The customer can chose the CNC system to be fitted and receive training on the machine either in our works before the machine is installed or on-site after the installation.

Contact us with your requirements and we can supply you a machine out of stock or find a machine to match your specification. We can then supply a full service all the way through to training your operators to produce your first components on the machine. We can then offer a service package to minimise the possibilities of your machine being out of production due to breakdowns.

Refurbishments and Retrofits

We can offer partial or complete refurbishments and retrofits. Small or large modifications to your machine can be carried out to your specification. A popular modification is to the X axis lubrication system which reduces wear and faults due to erratic lubrication. We will retrofit your machine to current standards and directives and advise you on what you require to comply with current legislation. For an insight to the services that we offer have a look at some of our resent projects especially;

A retrofit for the Nuclear sector
A HE Elgamill removal, re-location, installation and refurbishment
3M moving table E-Mill Re-Engineering Project

Elgamill inspections

If you are considering buying a used Elgamill it could be well worth your while to have it inspected before you buy. We will inspect the machine for you with and give a full report. We can advise you on the value of the machine, highlight current problems and problems that could occur in the future. This will enable you to achieve a well rounded impression of your perspective purchase. You will then be prepared for future work that might be required to obtain the required results from the machine.

Service and repair

Weather scheduled service or breakdown repairs are required we can supply qualified and experience mechanical, electrical and software engineers.


We will supply parts for customer installation or stall the parts for you. All of the parts you require can be supplied. We can even supply alternative parts for obsolete items. through our constant work with Elgamills we design modification to allow current off the shelf parts be fitted in place of obsolete items. Clutches and motors brakes for some Elgamills are now no longer available, we have proven methods of efficiently replacing these parts with current stock items. For more information on parts please look at our spares page.


We have great experience in installing Elgamills. We can supply exact specifications of the civil work required or supply the civil work. We will install, align, prove your machine and train your personnel to operate and program the machine. For more information on installation please look at our Installation page.

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